This is What Our Apprentices Have to Say

In Wisconsin, Manufacturing Month promotes that there is a change happening in the manufacturing industry; from a boring, dangerous and dirty environment to a fast paced, technology infused and safe environment. It’s vital to share the message to a new generation of workers to support a pipeline of talent and keep the manufacturing sector growing strong.

In a candid on-video camera interview, Apache apprentices Max and Devon share their thoughts about learning on the job and how they adjusted to the start of their manufacturing careers.   Max and Devon are students in the Beaver Dam High School Technical Education program.

Apache Stainless continuously promotes manufacturing careers in local schools, colleges and in collaboration with the state of Wisconsin. Apache’s participation in programs include: Youth Apprenticeship, Welding Boot Camps, Mentoring and Soft Skills, and tours of Apache’s production floor.

October is Manufacturing Month!

octmfgmonthThe work continues all year round for the Manufacturing Business Alliance (MBA) of the greater Dodge County, Wisconsin region. In honor of manufacturing month in October, it is fitting to share all the activities that the MBA works on throughout the year to promote manufacturing as a career.

The many activities of the Manufacturing Business Alliance of Dodge County, Wisconsin:

  • Mentoring and soft skills programs for youth
  • Manufacturing related job fairs
  • Area manufacturing tours for students, parents, community members
  • Legislative advocacy for manufacturing
  • Networking events like awards banquet and industry speakers
  • Radio and Media Promotions

Apache Stainless is a proud member of the Manufacturing Business Alliance of the greater Dodge County region. Pam Korth, Apache’s Human Resources Manager is currently Chairperson of the organization.

Special activities are being planned by MBA throughout the month to include tours throughout participating area manufacturers, problem solving challenges and luncheons with area high school students.  Apache will be giving tours to high school youth on October 20th.

Visit Apache at ISPE Boston Oct. 5th, Booth W39

ISPE2016Apache is exhibiting at the Boston ISPE Product Show on October 5th (Booth #W39). The ISPE is the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering, a not-for-profit association serving the pharmaceutical and bio-technology industry. Mike Peterson, in large tank sales and David Foulkes, representing small portable tanks will both be on-hand to answer any questions about Apache’s tank and vessel offering to the pharmaceutical industry.

Quality administrators are on-site at Apache to assure compliance to the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. Apache manufactures components, including dimple sheet exchange surfaces, man ways, flanged and dished heads, platforms and support structures. Since 1975, Apache has provided the industry with tanks from small process tanks to large field storage tanks, including: distillation columns, portable pressure vessels, evaporators, CIP (clean-in-place) vessels and mix tanks.

Mike Peterson | 920-344-7401 |
David Foulkes | 920-356-7345 |


Watch our Pharmaceutical Industry VIDEO!


Apache Promotes Welding Programs at Home and Abroad



While Apache continuously promotes welding as a career in Beaver Dam schools, colleges and the community, we also promote welding education in the World Orphan Fund programs located in Honduras, Mexico.

Bob Dolan, who is part of Apache’s service team, is a volunteer for the World Orphan Fund. He has worked with Apache to donate welding supplies and safety gear for a special vocational training welding program at Casa Bernabe.

Located in Guatemala City, Case Bernabe is an orphanage that has the infrastructure for vocational training for the 150 children living there. In 2014, the Orphan Fund began funding three teachers for welding, cosmetology and culinary arts.

“Apache is the largest donor for the cost of the welding instructor”, says Bob Dolan. “Many of Apache’s employees also give generously to the fund.”

A Pancake Breakfast fundraiser is being planned for Sunday, Sept. 19 from 8 – noon at the Beaver Dam, Wisconsin High School. Tickets are $6 for adults and $4 for kinds under 12 years old.

Visit World Orphan Fund for more information.

Before and After: Refurbishing Adds to Life of Equipment


A customer came to Apache for refurbishing a 1990 tank used to culture products. While the customer is considering new tanks for new processes, they wanted the option of keeping the old tanks for certain applications if they could be brought up to standard.

As shown in the “after” photo, the customer opted to refurbish the tanks to keep them in production. The tank was spray-passivated, electropolished on the interior, bead blasted on the exterior and the carbon steel footing and flanges was primed.

The cost to refurbish the tanks was acceptable to the customer because the treatments added up to 15 more years of service for each tank.

Apache’s Contract Manufacturing Group can refurbish any type of stainless equipment. Depending on the equipment, there may be some disassembly required before treating the material, and reassembly once the parts and components have been finished.

Contact Cory Buchholz in Contract Manufacturing for more information:


Apache Employees Want to Know How We’re Doing

SurveySocialEveryone’s time is valuable, especially when it is our customer, but it is extremely important that our customers participate in our new survey program. As an employee-owned company, every single employee wants to know how we are doing. Our goal is to make a customer’s experience with our company and employees a good one and that time with us in the future is very effective and efficient.

The surveys are very short, but relevant to areas we want to measure. We ask that when customers receive the emails or post cards to take time to give us feedback.

We deeply appreciate all input and comments from our customers.

Thank you,


Apache Awarded Excellence in 2015 Safety Performance by the Wisconsin Dept. of Workforce Development


Apache was recently formally recognized by the Wisconsin Safety Council and the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development for the 2015 safety performance. The award was earned through Apache’s outstanding efforts of safe job performance at work and in the community.

The 2015 safety performance at Apache was record setting with only three OSHA reportable injuries. Also impressive is an excellent start to 2016 with no OSHA reportable injuries through six months.

Chad Prieve, Safety Director at Apache, congratulates all employees especially those who work on the manufacturing floor in a high risk environment. “The safety performance is commendable for each employee who performs their daily tasks without injury.”

Apache’s employees have created a strong safety culture with a proactive safety environment where employees truly value safety and are vigilant in looking out for one another.

Safety is communicated regularly and employees consistently help manage risk at Apache where the safety motto is L.I.F.E. – Live Injury Free Everyday!

Pickle Passivation and Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between pickle passivating and electropolishing?

Pickle passivating is the immersion of metal in a pickling bath or coating the metal with a picking solution, such as nitric-hydroflouric acid. The process removes both metallic contamination and heat-treating scales. Pickle passivated stainless steel has a matte appearance.  Apache’s in-house tests show up to 25% improvement, in RA smoothness after pickle passivation.

In the photo, a stainless bin is in the process of being dipped into the pickling acid bath.  On the right is a duplicate bin that was already passivated showing the matte finish with all scale and weld oxides removed.

Electropolishing is an electro-chemical process that removes surface material from stainless steel. The process includes an immersion of the stainless steel component into a temperature controlled bath of electrolyte that is charged with a DC power supply. Electrolytes used in the process are concentrated sulfuric and phosphoric acid solutions. The finish has a mirror appearance. Apache’s tests have shown up to 50% improvement in RA smoothness after electropolishing.

If you have a contract manufacturing need for passivating or electropolishing, check out our flyer below or contact Cory Buchholz at 920.344-6077.

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New White Paper: Heat Transfer Surfaces for ASME Tanks and Vessels


The Apache Large Tank and Small Vessel team has developed a new white paper to serve as a general guide to ASME vessel heat transfer surfaces.

The white paper highlights three basic types of external jacketed heat transfer surfaces: conventional jacket, half pipe and dimple jacket, which are welded to the outside of the vessel. The paper also includes general information on internal coils which can be utilized for heat transfer as a stand alone option or in combination with other types of external jackets.

For blog followers, there is no registration required to download the white paper, discover:

  • Types of heat exchange surfaces
  • General application information and comparisons
  • Optional surface treatments
  • Manufacturing terms and definitions
  • Regulatory code review

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Visit Apache at FEW – June 20-23 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Booth 228


The International Fuel Ethanol Workshop and expo (FEW) is being held this year in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at the Wisconsin Center.   Industry professionals will visit the workshop on June 20 – June 23 to network, discuss industry happenings and learn about new technology.

The FEW will be addressing broader biofuels markets in their main speaker sessions as well as innovation and process control related stages.

Mike Peterson will be at network events and at the expo, booth #228. Contact Mike at or call 920-344-7401.